Monday, 20 February 2012

KanTeq: An example of why a brand is more than just a logo.

I'm constantly banging on about the difference between having a logo and having a brand. It's a common misconception and it amazes me how many people think they have a brand where in fact they have an identity, and sometimes not even that!

A great brand creates an experience and a journey. It sets up an expectation of what it will be like to deal with that company through its image, its voice and its marketing and then it delivers on that promise. And as a result of delivering on it, it gets people raving about it. A great brand is not just tangible, it should connect with it's audience emotionally.

I recently came across a great example of what a brand is all about which I wanted to share with you partly because it is a great example and partly because I think this particular company deserves some recognition. This company is KanTeq.

For those of you who don't know, I own a horse called Alfie. He's still a youngster but my aspiration is to compete with him. There's tons of kit to buy when you get your first horse and one of the most important choices you'll make is which body protector to invest in. There are lots on the market but one that particularly caught my eye was the Kan Body Protector. 

There is much talk on various horsey forums about this body protector (BP) with it being new to the market. Plus those who have one are raving about it. BP's are not a rider's favourite piece of gear but Kan wearers actually love wearing it!

I also liked the fact that it is geared towards women, being shaped in all the right places. So, I visited the website and this is where my customer journey began.

The Kan is not the cheapest BP on the market. It sits somewhere in the middle, being £235, but to my mind, you can't really put a price on a piece of safety kit. Afterall, this piece of kit might be responsible for saving my life one day! And besides, KanTeq do a good job of justifying their cost.

The website is very easy to get around and there is a lot of emphasis on the key differences of this product, including the fact that it is incredibly safe and incredibly comfortable. The company makes excellent use of third party testimonials, with many very genuine reports of how the Kan has worked, especially in the case of bad falls.

There is also great use of video both for customer testimonials and from Wendy McCaughan, the company's founder. Also, even though this is a safety item, you still want to look good wearing it. The fashion-style imagery helped create the right impression of how wearable this product is.

Every company needs a story and KanTeq has one. Wendy is extremely passionate about what she does and this comes across on the website, in the videos and on the phone when I called to discuss my order. Wendy spent time with me going through the best fit for me and went to great pains to convey how important it was that I was 100% happy with my purchase. This promise was then borne out when I found that I needed to have the fit altered having changed shape over the course of a few months. Wendy readily accepted the BP back, made the necessary changes and got the BP back to me quickly in time for an event. 

I know that it cost her to sort this out for me but she stated that it was more important that she had happy customers out there wearing her product as she saw this as the way forward to growing her customer base.

So, what makes KanTeq a great brand? Here's my checklist... how does your business compare?
  • The positioning is clear - designed by a woman for women
  • The proposition is unique - there is no other BP like it on the market
  • It is innovative - it uses technology not currently used in the equestrian industry
  • It has a clear visual identity - the logo is easily identifiable and the image is one of efficiency, reliability and technology (in colour psychology terms, the Winter colour palette is used which is entirely appropriate)
  • It instills confidence - through the image, the language used and testimonials
  • It has a story - we know how this company and product has come about, making us care
  • It creates a buzz - Kan wearers like to 'share the word' and tell others, creating loyalty
  • It delivers on it's promise - my experience has been everything I expected it to be
I had the opportunity to try out my Kan yesterday. I can confirm that it really is extremely comfortable and stylish. Fortunately, I didn't need to experience its safety credentials!

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